Who is the Dark Willow in the Latest DOTA 2 Update: The Dueling Fates?

Who is the Dark Willow in the Latest DOTA 2 Update: The Dueling Fates?

Author: James Mark Gallawan

Valve released their latest DOTA 2 update: The Dueling Fates. This features the two new heroes: Pangolier and Dark Willow. In addition, the two heroes also have an immortal debut item. These are available in the Emblems of the Dueling Fates bundle.

The Dueling Fates bundle also contains a courier, a ward set and taunts for both heroes. In addition, dueling fates introduces the 7.07 Gameplay Update. This is about the new ranked seasons for MMR, a new exciting game mode, an upgrade for the guide system, and much more.

The Dark Willow

MireskaSunbreeze is also known as the Dark Willow. She’s a trickster, a manipulator, and rebellious. Mireska’s lore is far darker than you’ve imagined. She burnt down her family estate because of boredom.

Valve categorizes Dark Willow as a support hero, a nuker, a disabler,and an escape artist. Her skillset below shows what a trickster and a wonderful support Mireska can be. Indeed, Dark Willow possesses various abilities that are as dreadful as her lore tells.

Bramble Maze

Bramble Maze isMireska’s first ability. Mireska can create a maze of brambles that enables her to bind enemies that walk across the maze. Mireska can then summon eight brambles that deal 100 damage and 1-second root duration to enemies. Its damage and root duration increase by 50 and 0.5 seconds respectively as the ability levels up. Bramble’s duration lasts for 15 seconds.

Shadow Realm

Mireska’s second ability is Shadow Realm. It’s an escape ability that allows Dark Willow to recede into shadows. Thus, making her untouchable. This enables her to increase her next attack range and deals bonus magic damage to enemies. However, attacking disables the ability, thus ending Shadow Realm. In addition, the damage scale of her next attack depends on how long she remains under the effect of Shadow Realm.

Cursed Crown

Her third ability, cursed crown enables Dark Willow to bestow a curse to enemies. After a four seconds delay, the target and nearby enemies are stunned for 2 seconds. A dreadful AOE stunned with a stun radius of 325 that is essential in team-fights. This is an ability which makesMireska a hero to be wary of.

Bedlam and Terrorize

Willow’s ultimate technique, the Bedlam and Terrorize. This is an ultimate ability that brings havoc or fear to the enemies.

Bedlam is an ability where Mireska’s companion, Jex, will circle her for 4 seconds duration at a roaming radius of 200 attacking nearby enemies. Bedlam is a damaging ability that dish 75 damage and can be upgradable to 225 max damage. In addition, Jex attacking radius is 300 and will attack at an interval of 0.25 seconds. However, Bedlam is unusable while Terrorize is active.

Terrorize, on the other hand, is an extreme disabling ability. Mireska will release her pet, Jex, to terrorize her enemies. After a short delay, all enemies affected will be trembling with fear forcing them to retreat and return to their base. However, this ability is unusable when Bedlam is active.

Dark Willow’s Talent Tree

Mireska’s talent tree is as dreadful as her abilities. Mireska’s abilities can be enhanced by enabling her talent at level 10,15,20, and 25 respectively. At level 10, you may enhance her cast range by 125 or increase her damage to 20. In addition, by level 15, you may choose between an addition of 40 movement speed or to have an ability that generates 90 gold/min.

Her third talent is quite naughty. You may choose from a 10% Spell Life steal or to an increase of 300 Shadow Realm Maximum Damage. And lastly, at level 25, a dreadful increase of 200 attack speed or an additional of 1 second terrorize duration.

Dark Willow’s ability set and talent tree are extraordinary. With amazing disables, escape ability and solid damage sources, Dark Willow certainly creates an impact to players. Invite your friends and start filling your mind with creative strategies to release the full strength of this new hero, the Dark Willow. Have fun and enjoy the thrill the game will give you.

Source : http://game360.co/2017/11/what-new-dota-2-update-dueling-fates/  Game360.co

Snapdeal Customer Care Number: [Sept Exclusive] Snapdeal Toll Free Number

Snapdeal Customer Care Number: As you probably are aware Snapdeal is one of the greatest eCommerce entrance in India. What’s more, as they have a considerable measure of clients, their is likewise the need of Snapdeal Customer Care Number if there should be an occurrence of different issues.

Snapdeal is a main Shopping entry of India, it serves a broad rundown of items. This incorporates different classifications like Mobiles, Electronics, Clothes, Footwears, Household items, Beauty items and considerably more. The headquarter of Snapdeal is in New Delhi and significant operations happens from their itself.

Snapdeal process a great many requests each week and being in Online business they by and large have a considerable measure of client issues aswell. Snapdeal.com has truly influenced a decent notoriety by helping every one of its purchasers on the off chance that they to confront any issue with the item. Countless contact Snapdeal client care to Cancel, Return, Complain about the item they get. Alot of times, Snapdeal run different offer simply like Paytm Offers where they give cashback and when individuals don’t get the cashback, they rightaway approach Snapdeal client mind number.

In addition, To fulfill and resolve it’s clients, Snapdeal has a tremendous client bolster benefit. Thus, Here in this post I will share all the Snapdeal client mind number, Snapdeal toll free number and even Snapdeal merchant client mind.

Snapdeal Customer Care Number

These are the Snapdeal Customer Care Numbers:

Snapdeal Customer Care Number
Snapdeal Toll Free Number 092126 92126
Snapdeal Customer Care Number 011 45371100
Snapdeal Seller Customer Care 18004190050
Snapdeal Customer Complaint 092126 92126

As you more likely than not found in the above tables, I had included the most every now and again utilized client contact quantities of snapdeal. Be that as it may, their are alot of different numbers that you can call at whatever point you have to contact client benefit.

Snapdeal Helpline Number

At whatever point you require, you can specifically contact Snapdeal Helpline Numbers and the client care will resolve your issue.

The best part is their is a toll free client mind number of snapdeal. Consequently you would not be charged anything and also, because of Reliance Jio calling is completely Free 😀

Snapdeal Helpline Number: 092126 92126

City Wise Customer Care No of Snapdeal

Snapdeal has additionally given a couple of numbers that you can attempt to contact client mind. Be that as it may, utilize the underneath specified Snapdeal Customer mind just in the event that the above numbers are not working.

State Customer Care Number
Delhi 088882 54614
Ahmedabad 092126 92126
Bangalore 080466603100
Gurgaon 0124 660 0200
Chennai 092126 92126

So you should have now got snapdeal client mind no, snapdeal client mind no toll free Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and so on.

Snapdeal Seller Customer Care

On the off chance that you are a vender on Snapdeal and offer items on it. At that point their are times when you have to converse with the client mind in regards to issues like accepting the installment, Tax issues, substitution and considerably more. At that point you would need to converse with the client bolster inorder to deal with the issue.

Be that as it may, you seldom discover any Snapdeal merchant helpline or snapdeal dealer toll free number. In this way, I have out the help contact number for dealers.

Snadeal Seller client Care Number: 18004190050

Reach via Snapdeal Email ID

On the off chance that you would prefer not to invest your energy by calling the client bolster, at that point here is another approach to contact Snapdeal. Here, You simply need to compose an email portraying the issue you face and after that send it to the beneath said email id. You can utilize this help channel for different issues with Snapdeal arrange, Cancelation, Tracking, Refund, Return or Enquiry.

Snapdeal Customer care Email Id:   

  • help@snapdeal.com
  • info@snapdeal.com

Must check : Snapdeal customer care number


Track Your Snapdeal Orders Online

In the event that you had requested something from Snapdeal and thinking to call client mind no, at that point simply hold up a moment. Snapdeal has an internet following framework where you can undoubtedly track your item status. With Snapdeal Tracking framework, you can know the evaluated conveyance timings of your item. This is an okay component as it diminishes the endeavors of calling and taking frenzy of your item conveyance status.

All you have to do is simply enter your request number and you can undoubtedly track your items status.

Just follow the Below steps to Track Snapdeal Orders online:

Simply take after the Below ventures to Track Snapdeal Orders on the web:

Visit this Order Tracking Link

Presently Enter your Product ID and Email IDsnapdeal following request

Simply tap on “Track” Button

On the following screen, you will see your Product status.

Perceive how simple Snapdeal following is and you can check constant status of your items. So next time on the off chance that you need to contact Snapdeal client tend to arrange status, at that point initially track your item here.

Besides, Snapdeal client mind works dedicatedly to give everybody an awesome administration and resolve all snapdeal client grumbling number to fulfill individuals. By and large, individuals talk inconsiderately with client mind folks, however we ought not do that. As they are likewise people, doing their occupation.



The Complete List Of Android Phones That Are Compatible With The Samsung Gear S2

The Samsung Gear S2 may be running Tizen, however, the great news is that it’s not only for Galaxy phones. The Gear S2 is really compatible with mechanical man phones running mechanical man 4.4 or higher and a minimum of 1.5GB of RAM.

Not to be confused with Android Wear, the Gear S2 has its own proprietary interface and apps. this suggests that you simply won’t get the acquainted Google currently notifications found on Android Wear smartwatches. It’s additionally doubtless that Samsung Pay and bound different proprietary options are disabled once victimization the Gear S2 with non-Galaxy android phones.

Even with these drawbacks, the Gear S2 may be a notable selection for Golem users as a result of it offers many neat options during a cool style. simply look into our hands on, and that I suppose you may agree.

Below you may find the complete list of compatible Android phones together with the take a look at markets. The list is subject to vary thus expect additions as newer phones area unit free. You can also Check Samsung Gear S2 apps list that supports gear s2 watch.


ONE (M8) US 6.0 1080 x 1920 2GB
ONE (M9) EU  US 6.0 1080 x 1920 3GB
10 US 6.0 1440 x 2560 4GB


Honor 5x CN  HK  TW 5.1 1920 x 1080 2GB
P8 EU 5.0 1080 x 1920 3GB
P9 plus CN  HK  TW 6.0 1920 x 1080 4GB
Ascend Mate 7 EU 5.1 1080 x 1920 2GB
Mate 8 CN  HK  TW 6.0 1920 x 1080 3GB
Nexus6P EU 6.0 1440 x 2560 3GB


x2 Pro CN  HK  TW 4.4 1080 x 1920 2GB


G Flex US 4.4 720 x 1280 2GB
G Pro 2 KR 4.4 1080 x 1920 3GB
OPTIMUS G2 US 5.0 1080 x 1920 2GB
OPTIMUS G3 EU  US  KR 5.0(EU)  6.0(US  KR) 1440 x 2560 3GB
G4 EU  US  KR 6.0 1440 x 2560 3GB
G5 US  KR 6.0 1440 x 2560 4GB
G Vista US 5.0 720 x 1280 1.5GB
Nexus 5 EU  KR 6.0.1(EU)  6.0(KR) 1080 x 1920 2GB
V10 US  KR 6.0(US)  5.0(KR) 1440 x 2560 4GB


DROID Turbo US 5.1 1440 x 2560 3GB
Moto MAXX EU  US 5.0(EU)  4.4(US) 1440 x 2560 3GB
DROID MINI EU 4.4 720 x 1280 2GB
Moto X EU  KR 4.4.4(EU)  5.1(KR) 720 x 1280 2GB
Nexus 6 US 6.0 1440 x 2560 3GB
Moto G4 Play LATIN 6.0 1280 x 720 4GB


R9 CN  HK  TW 5.1 1920 x 1080 4GB


IM-A910S KR 4.4 1080 x 1920 3GB


Aquos EU 4.4 720 x 1280 1.5GB


XEPRIA Z2 EU 5.1 1080 x 1920 3GB
XEPRIA Z3 EU  KR 6.0.1(EU)  6.0(KR) 1080 x 1920 3GB
Z3 Compact LATIN 5.0 720 x 1280 2GB
Z3 + LATIN 6.0 1080 x 1920 3GB


X5 Pro CN  HK  TW 5.0 1080 x 1920 2GB


Mi4 EU  KR  CN  HK  TW 4.4(EU  CN  HK  TW)  6.0(KR) 1080 x 1920 2GB


Duraforce US 4.4 720 x 1280 2GB


Zenfone2 EU 5.0 1080 x 1920 4GB

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Best gear s2 apps

gear s2 apps 

Bigg Boss 11 Audition and Registration Entry Process [Step by Step]

Hey guys, are you the biggest fan of Bigg Boss ? Do you wish to be a part of Bigg Boss 11? Are you rebelious and wanna shout out for your opinion? Do you wanna rule over the house? Are you looking for Big boss Audition and big boss 11 entry process 2017 ? Do you wanna know about  big boss online registration dates? Do you want to show your talent along with other big boss contestants? If yes, then you are at the right place.

Bigg Boss 11 Audition

So, here I am to tell you the process and procedures through which you can easily be a part of upcoming bigg boss 11 season. You will get all the details as well as the Bigg Boss 11 registration process.

I hope to cover up the major areas of concern.

We all know ,Bigg Boss is the biggest and much watched reality show in India. Because of a very different and amazing concept , this show has increased its fans in 10 years tremendously. Big Boss season 10, that is the last year’s season has been much watched by Indians and even liked by huge number of people. I guess this hike for such a huge TRP  was  because of the concept of adding common people .So, in the last season there were common people as well as celebrities. Hence, the fun was more as well as the interest of common people grew more. If you are amongst the common one’s , no problem , you will get full information here.


The exact procedure of Bigg Boss 11 Audition and Bigg Boss 11 registration online is here. Let’s move on to Eligibility first.

This is the eligibility criteria as well as registering and how to aplly.

  • To participate in Bigg Boss as a common man participant, you must be above age of 18 years as on 23rd January 2017.
  • You must be an Indian citizen with all the legal proof of citizenship like Passport, Driving Licence, Voter ID etc.
  • You must surely have any or all the below mentioned documents and ID proof at the time of registration to participate in Bigg Boss 2017. Also, these documents should have valid proof of your age so that you face no issues later on.

Documents required for participation

You must have atleast 4 documents among the below mentioned list.

  • Birth certificate
  • Ration Card
  • Passport
  • 10th Passing Certificate
  • Driving License
  • Permanent Account Number (‘PAN’)
  • Voters identity card

Make sure that you submit all the legal and valid documents, if you get caught up in the middle of your registrations and even after your registration would be cancelled  and you might end up in a court case too.

Safety Tip: Beware of the fraud calls that might ask for money in return for Bigg Boss  House Entry. All these are fake as Colors TV ( Bigg Boss Team) would never ask you money for entering the house.

Bigg Boss 11 Apply Online (Registration)

online form voot

There are two ways to register for Bigg Boss 11. Both the ways to register are online and you need to do all the required steps in order to submit your application.

  1. Voot website
  2. Voot mobile app

So, here in this post , I will share both the ways for Bigg Boss 2017 registration through online form.

bigg boss 11 apply online

Bigg Boss 11 online form

Requirements for Filling Bigg Boss season 11 Online Form

  • Email Id
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Height & weight
  • Instagram Handle
  • Twitter Handle
  • Facebook profile
  • Reason to be on the show
  • Most important – An entertaining video of yours

Some important notifications:


The last Date of big boss 11 entry is 30th June 2017. Extensions are not yet notified

The minimum age for applying is 18 years of age till 23rd January 2017.

Size of the video should be less than 500 MB in Size and 3 Minutes in length. Videos which are longer will be disqualified. You can send only one video.

If you get selected the first step is getting a call or email from Bigg Boss Team and they will tell you the further process.

There is no registration fees at all. Beware of the fraud calls or emails.

Make sure to read all the terms and conditions properly on the online form.



Secret WhatsApp Tips and Tricks You Probably Don’t Know

Hello Everyone !

When it comes to best instant messaging app, no one can beat WhatsApp. It comes on every platform whether it is Android or iOS or Windows or BlackBerry OS. It usually requires Internet to send messages, videos, images, documents or GIFs. As WhatsApp is gaining so much popularity, number of tricks are coming on the internet today. Recently, WhatsApp added some new features which were critcised by some people but now those features have become responsible for more no. of active users. In February 2017, WhatsApp crossed 200 million active users in India only. So, today we are going to discuss some tips and tricks related to WhatsApp.

1. Use WhatsApp without your Mobile Number

Hold on guys, When i say without your Mobile Number I mean without your own number. You can use whatsapp by using a number which is not your own or to be precise a fake one. Here are the steps :-
(i) If you are already using WhatsApp, uninstall it from your device completely. Download and install it again.

(ii) Turn on your Flight mode to lock your messaging service.

(iii) Now try to make your whatsapp account and due to flight mode it could not be able to send you OTP and hence will ask for another method of verification.

(iv) Choose the verify through message option and fill up your email address and then click Send. After that without waiting click on Cancel button so that authorization process can be terminated.


(v) Now, you are required to forge messages. Install the message Spoof text message for Andriod and Fake- a- Message for iPhone.

Spoofing method: Go to your Outbox -> Copy the message details to spoofer app -> Send it to spoofed
Use the following details.
To: +447900347295
From: +[Country code][mobile number]
Message: Your email address
A message will be sent through that spoofed number. You can use this number to connect with your friends.

2. Hide “Last Seen” Time

By default, WhatsApp shows your last seen time to other users. But some of us prefers to not show our last seen to other users. So follow the steps given below to do so :-

(i) Update your WhatsApp to the latest Version.

(ii) Then, Open it, Go to Settings>Account>Privacy>Last Seen.

(iii) Then you will have three options. ‘Everyone’ ‘My contacts’ ‘Nobody’.

(iv) Select the one which suits you.

3. Spy and Read the Conversation of Your Friend

Yes, it is possible and i’ll explain you about this awesome trick.


(i)Firstly, you need to do is, go to the MicroSD card and then click on the Whatsapp and later on on the Database option.

(ii)Immediately after you are done with the first step you’ll get two files such as,msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt

(iii)After finding these two files, you just need to do is take these files from your friends mobile and then you will be easily able to read their conversations that they have done with their friends. You can open them using a simple text editor.

4. Backup And Restore WhatsApp Chats



(i)On iOS, Go to Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup, then click Backup Now.

(ii)On Android, just go into Settings > Chat settings and tap Backup conversations to create a backup.

(iii) Remember it will not backup your media for that you have to manually backup media files from sdcard/WhatsApp/Media on your mobile.

(iv) When you will use WhatsApp again after reinstalling it, then you will be asked for any backups.


5. Send files of other Extensions like Zip, Rar, PDF

We all know that WhatsApp doesn’t support to send other files than audio and video formats. But with an additional app like Cloud Send you can send PDFs, APKs, Word documents and more using WhatsApp.

You can also use third party app like Whats Packed 2 ads to send any files of any size via WhatsApp. But make sure that both the sender and receiver must have Whats Packed 2 ads application installed on their smartphone.



6. Disable WhatsApp Auto Image Download

(i) Settings > Data Usage > Media auto download.

(ii) Select an option from all three which suits you.  If you want to completely disable auto download, make all options to No Media.



7. Hide your WhatsApp Profile Picture(DP)


(i) Settings> Account > Privacy > Profile Photo.

(ii) Again you’ll have three options just as in Hide Last Seen Time. So choose whatever option suits you.



8. Change Your Friend’s Profile Picture

This is not a hack. This is just meant for fun purposes to prank your friends.


(i) Choose any image you want to set as your friends DP.

(ii) Resize it into 561×561 pixels by paint or photoshop.

(iii) Save the image to the SD >> card WhatsApp >> Profile Pictures. Overwrite the existing file (if necessary).

(iv) Disable WIFI or Data Connection, otherwise WhatsApp will automatically update the DP to the original one.

9. Create A Fake / Chat Conversation

This trick is going viral these days. On facebook you see many memes based on funny WhatsApp Chats. You can do this too by using WhatSaid-Whatsapp Prank app. The Download Link is given below.

Download Here


You will be able to create fake conversations with anyone by adding your photos, name it and create your own posts ( on both sides).


10. Hide Two Images In One

Do you want to send an image to your WhatsApp friend which will first look like a beautiful one but when he/she click on it, the image will change to another one? Here are the steps:-

(i) Download & Install Magiapp for android and and FhumbApp on iPhone.



(ii) Now after installing this wonderful app just fire it up and then you will see interface something lie in the image on the right.

(iii)Now just click on the True Image option and choose your original image and then click on the Fake Image option and choose your pranky image.

(iv)Now after selecting your images just press Do Magic ! option and voila! its done now just share your image with everyone.


Thank You for reading these tips and tricks. Now try out these awesome tricks.